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We only use cutting edge medical grade, FDA approved technology.

As a result our skilled Laser Practitioners provide fast, effective, comfortable laser hair removal.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal at So Kate Cosmetics?


• Faster & More Effective Treatments 
• Safe, Medical Grade Gold Standard Technology 
• Skilled, Regulated Expert Laser Practitioners 
• Permanent Hair Reduction 
• Silky ‘Ready to go’ Skin 
• Affordable Treatment Plans

How does Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal work?


The laser uses safe, non-ionising wavelengths to zap and destroy hair follicles. The laser light emitted is attracted to pigmentation in the hair, and delivers heat to damage the root. As a result of this root damage the hair can no longer grow.

Unlike IPL, Laser uses an exact wavelength to target the follicle with each shot, rather than a diffused IPL beam which is less powerful. The wavelengths used by our medical grade laser systems have been found to be the optimum for hair removal. Therefore these systems are far superior to diode and SHR systems, meaning fewer treatments and faster results.

Who is suitable for Laser Hair Removal?


Laser hair removal is suitable for most skin types and therefore for most people with no photo sensitising medical conditions. By operating with different wavelengths, Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG, we are able to safely treat skin types regardless of skin colour. Best results are seen on darker thicker hairs with very blonde and grey hairs unlikely to respond.

At consultation and assessment our experts determine your suitability and personalise treatment parameters based on regulated medical protocols. Our experienced practitioners treat all areas of unwanted hair on both women and men, making this one of our most popular treatments across all ages.


How does the treatment feel?


Laser hair removal treatment intensities vary between individual and hair type or thickness. Most people feel heat in the individual shots with the sensation described as similar to an elastic band flick. Our Trilogyice system operates with a powerful sapphire cooling blast, which enables a comfortable treatment in all areas. 


How many treatments are needed?


For those that have never had treatment we always recommend a course of 6 treatments. Most people will see a dramatic reduction in hair following 6 sessions, however some will require top up or maintenance treatments.

Treatments are typically  4 weeks apart in order to catch all hairs in the correct phase of growth for successful result. For best results we recommend following the advised schedule, however later treatments are often spaced a little further apart, depending on regrowth.


When will results be seen?


Many people see an impressive reduction in regrowth following the first session, with the amount of hair growth lessening more as each treatment is taken. Expected results are for a 79% reduction in hair following 3 sessions. Although the treatment courses span across months results begin after first treatment, meaning it’s a great treatment to start any time. 

Following the initial course many people no longer need treatment, some may require a few further sessions and others wait another year or more before requiring a single top up treatment.